Nutritional Advice

Your nutritional habits go hand in hand with your training results and your health. We can make a custom-made plan that will help you find balance in your eating habits, and we will support you throughout the process.

Choose between our nutritional packages: Start, Moderate, and Season.

The first meeting is free of course. We look forward to hearing from you!

Psst! Do you want to combine nutritional advice with personal training?

You can exchange a nutritional plan to a training plan in the packages

Moderate and Season.

Start (1 month)
190 €

Free first consultation

1 custom-made nutritional plan incl. walk-through

1 follow-up meeting




Moderate (3 months)
349 €

Free first consultation

2 custom made nutritional plans incl. walk-through

3 follow-up meetings

2 body fat measurements



Season (6 months)
549 €

Free first consultation

3 custom-made nutritional plans incl. walk-through

6 follow-up meetings

4 body fat measurements

4 blood pressure measurements

4 body measurements


Start is the package for you if you're curious about changing your eating habits towards a specific goal, but want a bit of help on the way. Here you get a completely customised nutritional plan based on information about your current eating habits.

This is included:  1 follow-up meeting (30-60 min) where we discuss your development and make potential adjustments to your nutritional plan. All of this is possible to make though physical meetings as well as online through your computer or mobile unit! 


Moderate is the package to chose if you want to have more support on your path towards a healthier lifestyle. We will support you during three months to make sure you're on the right track to your goal, regardless of whether you want to get more balanced eating habits, or if you want to adapt your habits for a specific goal (e.g. competition).

This is included in the package:  2 custom made nutritional plans, 6 follow-up meetings, and 2 fat-percentage measurements!


Season is the package for you if you want go all in, regardless of whether you are in the beginning of a lifestyle change, or if you want to give it your best in a competition. Here you get: 3 custom made nutritional plans accompanied by 12  follow-up meetings. In this way, we can make sure that your development goes in the right direction for a long period of time!

You also get 4 fat percentage measurements, 4 automated blood pressure measurements, and 4 body measurements. In other words, we help you get complete control of your development, so it can be as effective as possible!